Stay safe.

Stay Safe with medical idWe live in a world where so many more people seem to have developed an allergic reaction to a plethora of different foods or materials.

If you're a pre-school or primary school how do you protect the children in your care? The Willoughby Community Pre-school use a variety of medibands that state the allergy the child has to alert staff to enable prevention measures and possible quick intervention.We have 'Nut allergy', 'Soya products allergy', 'Egg' and 'Dairy' allergy medibands to name but a few.  There are literally hundreds of bands and allergies to choose from to help you stay safe.

Stay Safe with Mediband

Others have a more personal use. A MedibandPlus medic ID alert bracelet has all manner of medical information on it that lets professionals quickly diagnose the problem and respond quickly with the appropriate treatment. It has been an absolute lifesaver for many.

What a recent customer said:

" A fantastic alternative to traditional medic alert bracelets. My 12 yr old daughter loves wearing hers as they look like fun wristbands. We have just ordered more & have recommended to others with medical conditions. Prompt delivery too! Thankyou Mediband"

- Tina, (Tauranga, New Zealand)

Check this week's specials! Medibands are inexpensive and could save a life - see here for full details.  Make sure your Stay Safe!

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