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  • Mediband Receives Finalist Nomination for the Premier’s NSW Export Awards

    Preventative Care medical ID bracelets, nsw export awards, medical alert braceletsSYDNEY – Wednesday 29 September, 2010 – Australian company, Mediband, developers of the Mediband range of medical ID wristbands and Mediband Plus medical information portal are pleased to announce that they have been selected as finalists in the Australian Institute of Export Premier's NSW Export Awards. The Premier’s NSW Export Awards are designed to showcase the State’s top exporters and by doing so, promote them as role models, encouraging other businesses to strive for the same levels of success in world markets.

    “It’s such an accolade to be nominated as a finalist in the Emerging Exporter category. We’re just thrilled to be selected as a finalist in such a prestigious awards program, which does so much to promote the achievements made by Australian companies in the ever increasing export marketplace,” commented Michael Randall, Managing Director and Co-founder of Mediband.

    “With so many Australians dying each year as a result of allergic reactions, anaphylactic shock, heart attacks, incorrectly administered drugs and other preventable medical conditions, we feel sure that Mediband’s range of medical ID ‘alert’ products can go a small way to preventing deaths in Australia, but also in other countries around the world,” he added.

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  • Medical ID Bracelet - The Foolproof Way To Ensuring Your Child's Safety

    medical id bracelet, children, medical condition, allergyChildren with illnesses such as diabetes, asthma or epilepsy, among other life-threatening diseases, should carry easily visible information to ensure passers-by can quickly understand that they need help in the event of an emergency when you’re not around.

    While you could have them carry a slip in their pocket or wallet detailing their condition, paper can get damaged or lost. A medical ID bracelet is worn on the wrist and is indestructible. A allergy or medical ID bracelet also provides immediate visibility to passers-by and first responders, giving parents invaluable peace of mind when separated from their children.

    Not the average medical ID bracelet

    Little ones can be very obstinate and may not want to show the world – or their peers – that they have a medical condition. That’s where Medibands come in. Unlike other medical ID bracelets, Medibands for kids aren’t the stereotypical, unattractive bands your child may have seen on an older person – and associated with being uncool. They're slimline and colourful as opposed to being chunky and dull to look at, and come in an array of alternative colours and styles.

    Get your child to pick out their own Mediband to make sure they feel like it's their choice to wear it and that it represents their own tastes and interests. Kids that have chosen their personal colours and styles for their Mediband are more likely to keep it at all times.

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  • ID Wristbands for Pharmaceutical Trials & Beyond

    id wristbands
    Here at Mediband, we strive to provide useful IDentification wristband options for our clients of all shapes and sizes. One particular area of medicine we have helped simplify is within pharmaceuticals. These organisations are working hard to identify and develop new medications to help people throughout the world. But they also need the right tools to keep their patients organised and safe throughout any research process.

    In one specific instance, we worked with a pharmaceutical firm in helping them determine the best options for medical ID wristbands in their clinical trials. Due to the regulations regarding direct-to-consumer advertising and prescription pharmaceuticals, we cannot discuss the company by name. However, we have provided this company a straightforward method to distinguish patients, treatments and all related components to their research trials.

    These clients have used customised reversible ID wristbands to distinguish patients throughout these pharmaceutical trials. They distribute the bracelets based on the type of medicine being received. Additionally, the reversible printing allows other important alerts and indicators based on the specific treatment plan. Continue reading

  • Best Practices for Custom Med Alert Bracelets


    Med Alert BraceletsIf you have a medical alert or other health condition, awareness is key to maintain your overall safety. In case of a medical emergency, you want people to be aware of what the emergency is. This awareness can also help others to understand how to respond should you be experiencing a potential emergency.

    Fortunately, Mediband makes it easy for you to get the exact message you need based on your specific condition. The company's easy-to-use site allows you to customise your med alert bracelet to display exactly what you need to say. That way, there's no confusion about your specific condition or medical concern.

    Of course, there are a few best practices for your custom wristband to ensure you’re displaying the best possible message. Continue reading

  • The Value of Medical Alert Bracelets for Sports

    medical alert bracelets for sportsThe back to school season is fast approaching for many children. This exciting time means a lot of great things for kids. They get to start the next exciting chapter in their education. They get to reunite with their friends. And for many children, they’re getting back into their favourite sports.

    Participation in sports is a great way to keep kids active and entertained. Everyone involved in youth sports works to ensure the safety and well-being of children. However, sometimes emergencies or medically significant situations may occur. It’s important that everyone involved in sports and athletics recognise the potential risks – and the appropriate response measures during emergencies. Continue reading

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