• Is My Health Record Safe?

    my health record, health recordAlthough 15th October seems far away, you don’t have long to opt out of My Health Record. The idea behind the record is simple. All of your paper records will enter the digital world. The aim is to make it easier for clinicians to find information. Currently, every Australian will see their record transform into a digital format. You can opt out, but the deadline is October 15th. Opting out after this date is possible. But, the government can continue storing information they already hold until 30 years after your death.

    There are lots of arguments for and against the My Health Record system. If you need a Mediband, or your child does, it’s worth knowing the arguments on both sides. Continue reading

  • Medical Records and Your Health

    fun, safety, medical records, medical emergency

    With today's on-the-go lifestyle, keeping your health in mind seems like it is easier said than done. You’re busy enough as it is in your life. This makes it easy to forget to pay attention to your medical records and your own health.

    If this sounds like you, don't worry because there is good news ahead. You have great options you can use to improve your safety and well being. Technology makes it easier than ever before to protect yourself due to emergencies. And Mediband is leading the way with our medical alert bracelets and tracking tools.

    Let’s make your 2018 safer and better with some simple changes in your life. Even just a few of these changes can make a big difference. Continue reading

  • Medical Information is Critical in Emergencies - Make Your Health Record Count

    medical information, paramedics, emergency, first respondersIt’s not easy living with an illness or living with someone who is ill. It affects everyone’s quality of life and peace of mind. Part of having peace of mind for you and your loved ones is knowing that first responders have immediate access to essential health medical information. This is important and can often mean the difference between life and death.

    Giving first responders the quickest possible access to your medical information is especially crucial in today’s era of tight budgets and reduced emergency response services. Public service providers in certain areas are sometimes finding it more and more difficult to maintain staffing levels. This means slower response times, and sometimes a lower level of service.

    Continue reading

  • Travelling with Epilepsy these holidays?

    epilepsy travelling safelyDon't put yourself last!  It’s all too easy to put yourself last if you’re travelling with others in terms of safety arrangements. There are several things that need a bit of pre-planning if you’re travelling with epilepsy. Here’s a quick checklist of things to consider: Continue reading

  • Living with Epilepsy?

    epilepsy medical idWith a medical condition like epilepsy you’ll already know that life with epilepsy is more about managing your circumstances. Here are five common strategies for managing epilepsy:

    1. Medication – the taking of it won’t cure epilepsy but it will help you control seizures. Make it part of a daily meal routine so that you don’t forget.
    2. Stay with your medication – studies, according to the Epilepsy Foundation in Australia, show that generics have slight variations in formulation and even a slight variance can cause a difference in your illness.
    3. No caffeine – it appears that stimulants like coffee or energy drinks might Continue reading

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