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  • FeverMates' Top Tips For Staying Flu Free This Winter

    fevermates, mediband, flu seasonThere are many great things about Winter, like drinking excessive amounts of hot chocolate, skiing and using the excuse of the cold weather to stay in and curl up to watch a movie.

    However, there are also a few downers of this chilly season and that's the tickly coughs, runny nose and sneezes around every turn. Oh and if your child is sick, expect a whole lot of complaining.

    You don’t need this in your life, so what steps can you take to secure yourself and your child a flu-free winter? Read on and let the Fevermates give you their top tips on staying healthy during this flu-season.

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  • Stick On Thermometers A Great Health Care Product for Kids

    Stick On ThermometersAny parent can attest to the fact that kids just hate thermometers. Whether it’s a very little one who doesn’t understand and wants that thing away from his mouth or underarm (or worse) right now or a somewhat older tyke who, being sick and cranky, is in no mood to cooperate, taking a sick child’s temperature can be more challenging than solving a Rubik’s Cube. In our modern world there’s a solution for everything, and this is no exception.

    Temperature Options

    Parents have a variety of options for checking the temperature of a sick child. Here’s a quick overview:

    1. Under the tongue style. A glass or digital thermometer is used, and the child must hold the thermometer under their tongue before an accurate temperature is given. This method is not recommended for children of 5 years and under.

    2. Ear thermometers. These handy thermometers use infrared rays to take the temperature of the ear canal. They are recommended for Continue reading

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