First Aid

  • The Origin of the Medical Emergency Symbol

    The snake with the staff is a common medical alert symbol. It represents health and healing. You find it on medical ID bracelets, and the background is either blue or red. Each point has a certain meaning, and the snake and staff themselves have special meanings. You can find this medical alert symbol on hospitals, medical centres and ambulances. If you're curious about how the medical alert symbol came about and what it means, read on.
  • First Aid Kits for Super Summer Safety

    first aid kitsSummer is here! This is the time of year when the weather invites you to leave the indoors. As the sun shines strong, it’s time to plan your family trips and outdoor activities! If you love the feel of sand in your toes and ocean spray on your cheeks, head for the beach to sunbathe or play water sports. Are you a nature lover who yearns to enjoy the fresh air all day and night? If so, pack your tents and journey to your favourite camping grounds! However, no matter what type of summer outing is on your agenda, whether spent at home or abroad, fully equipped first aid kits are a necessity.

    Basic First-Aid Kits

    Regardless of how you take holiday, there are many basic items to pack in all first aid kits. For both children and adults, climbing through rugged terrain may lead to falls, scrapes and cuts. You need to be prepared to clean and bandage small wounds safely. Continue reading

  • Allergy Wristbands Should Be Part of Your Anti-Allergy Kit

    If you are one of the millions of Australians who suffer from an allergy, you will understand how miserable and unpleasant an allergic reaction can be. It is estimated that around 4.1 million Australians have an allergy of some sort, a figure which represents almost a fifth of our population.

    allergy, peanut allergy, allergy alert wristband, allergy wristbands

    Of these 4.1 million individuals, each has an average of 1.74 allergies, which means there are around 7.2 million cases of allergic diseases shared among the population. These figures illustrate just how serious Australia’s allergy problem really is; in fact, the ASCIA-Access Economics Report estimates that Australia and New Zealand have the highest prevalence of allergies in the developed world.

    Continue reading

  • Stick On Thermometers A Great Health Care Product for Kids

    Stick On ThermometersAny parent can attest to the fact that kids just hate thermometers. Whether it’s a very little one who doesn’t understand and wants that thing away from his mouth or underarm (or worse) right now or a somewhat older tyke who, being sick and cranky, is in no mood to cooperate, taking a sick child’s temperature can be more challenging than solving a Rubik’s Cube. In our modern world there’s a solution for everything, and this is no exception.

    Temperature Options

    Parents have a variety of options for checking the temperature of a sick child. Here’s a quick overview:

    1. Under the tongue style. A glass or digital thermometer is used, and the child must hold the thermometer under their tongue before an accurate temperature is given. This method is not recommended for children of 5 years and under.

    2. Ear thermometers. These handy thermometers use infrared rays to take the temperature of the ear canal. They are recommended for Continue reading

  • Why ALL Homes should have a First Aid Kit

    doctors recommend first aid kitTake a look in any home’s bathroom cupboards (especially those with children) and you’re likely to find at least the bare minimum of first aid supplies: a box of adhesive bandages, antiseptic and rubbing alcohol are often likely suspects. However, this would only be sufficient if scrapes and small cuts were the sole injuries that could be suffered - and we all know that’s not the case! Here then, are some often overlooked reasons why a good first aid kit and its contents are imperative for every household. Continue reading

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