Mediband Point Of Sale Display

Do you think your customers would benefit from Medibands? Interested in learning more about reselling Mediband and offering them to your customers?

Authorised resellers receive bulk discounts over the entire range of medibands (including different products & sizes). Complement your reselling with an Affiliate Coupon Voucher: Great for earning commissions on custom medibands, and products that you might not have in stock. See below for further information.

We also have a great range of Point Of Sale accessories.  Download the Mediband Brochure for more information and feel free to contact us with any questions. Hospital brochures are also available for download.

Register as a reseller to access pricing: Click here. Our full range of Pharmacy Bundle Packs are available online to approved resellers.


Don't want to purchase medibands outright to resell? Earn up to 25% on sales made through your link to the Mediband site, via website banners on your website OR through your offline marketing materials, or both.

Want to learn more?

Link to the Mediband Affiliate Program page or feel free to contact us with any questions.  Simply login or create an account and select "Affiliate" for your organisation type.  Click the Affiliate Tab in your account details, and simply follow the instructions.  That's it, you're ready to start selling everything Mediband stocks, from medical ID bracelets to first aid kits and first aid training e-learning!  What are you waiting for?  Start Selling Now!


For our list of Stockist and Distributors, click here.

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