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  • The Origin of the Medical Emergency Symbol

    The snake with the staff is a common medical alert symbol. It represents health and healing. You find it on medical ID bracelets, and the background is either blue or red. Each point has a certain meaning, and the snake and staff themselves have special meanings. You can find this medical alert symbol on hospitals, medical centres and ambulances. If you're curious about how the medical alert symbol came about and what it means, read on.
  • Is My Health Record Safe?

    my health record, health recordAlthough 15th October seems far away, you don’t have long to opt out of My Health Record. The idea behind the record is simple. All of your paper records will enter the digital world. The aim is to make it easier for clinicians to find information. Currently, every Australian will see their record transform into a digital format. You can opt out, but the deadline is October 15th. Opting out after this date is possible. But, the government can continue storing information they already hold until 30 years after your death.

    There are lots of arguments for and against the My Health Record system. If you need a Mediband, or your child does, it’s worth knowing the arguments on both sides. Continue reading

  • Hypoglycemia Signs, Symptoms and Treatment Options

    hypoglycemiaPeople know hypoglycemia by the common name of low blood sugar. People also call it insulin shock or an insulin reaction. Currently, around 4% of the Australian population has this condition. Low blood sugar falls in the range of 70 or less mg/dl. People measure blood sugar in milligrams per deciliter. What a doctor classifies as low varies from person to person. It's important that you talk to them if you're having problems.

    Common Signs and Symptoms of Hypoglycemia

    The signs and symptoms of low blood sugar vary from person to person. It's important that you know what your signs and symptoms are. Continue reading

  • Which Type of Life Insurance Is the Smartest for You?

    life insurance medical idIn Australia, the term ‘life insurance’ refers to several different types of insurance. From term life insurance to income protection, each one offers some level of financial support. Your insurer pays out money if a serious life event occurs. These events include disability or illness. Life insurance also protects your loved ones if you pass away.

    It’s wise to have at least one type of life insurance. Many people use more than one. Which type is right for you?

    You may want to choose a certain type of life insurance depending on factors like your life stage, family size, and your finances. Here’s a look at your options. Continue reading

  • Understanding Health Insurance Terms

    health insuranceAn apple a day keeps the Doctor away!  Understanding health insurance can help keep the Doctor paid!  Health insurance can be hard to understand. The terms that health insurance companies use can confuse people. This can make it hard for anyone to pick the best insurance plan for their needs. As a result, some people don't get health insurance at all.

    If this sounds like you, it might be a good idea to read on. We will go over each of these terms to help you understand them. We will then touch on optional health aids that your insurance may cover. Continue reading

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