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We started on a personal mission to make Medical ID bracelets cool - so that kids would wear them. Because 'you must wear this for your safety' doesn't work. (Who knew!) Boring and medical becomes cool and wearable. Health and safety awareness becomes an everyday, wearable lifesaver. We aspire to rigid standards of quality. We seek out craftsmanship. We love creativity.
Every experience with us should be easy. From browsing to choosing the message and colours you want. From payment to order fulfilment. Whether you're looking for custom silicone medical ID bracelets, jewellery, wallet cards or other Mediband products, your interaction should feel intuitive and inspiring. And rest assured, all products undergo high-stress testing and pass all relevant safety tests.
Mediband is scrupulous in making your online shopping safe. We offer secure payment options for a seamless experience. We accept major credit cards - VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club in addition to local payment options like PayPal. Your transactions are encrypted and we do not keep your credit card details on file. Safety - across the board - is our watchword.
Our range is huge! We offer medical identification products in a range of colours and modes to suit men, women and kids. We understand everyone has different 'fashion' needs and you will find a medical ID item to suit your life, gender and style. Classic silicone wristbands, elegant designs, or bold, primary colours. Jewellery, wallet cards and more. Can't find something? We'll customise.
We offer regular & express shipping for your medical ID bracelets and other health and medical items to all countries including Australia, USA, UK and South Africa. Your order will be dispatched within 48 hours of payment, but delivery times may vary within country. Custom orders will take a little longer, depending on item request and order size. Shipping method is secure.
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