Seniors Card Discount

At Mediband, Seniors Card holders can receive an unlimited 15 percent discount on all of our products—all year long. No matter what you need, just enter the code SENIORS at checkout. We’ll apply the discount to your entire order.

Unlimited 15 Percent Off for All Seniors Card Holders

Our seniors’ discount on everything from custom silicone medical IDs to medical jewellery lasts all year long. There are no exceptions and no limits. No renewal necessary, and no need to keep track of extra membership cards. All you need is a Seniors Card and the code to get a discount on Mediband’s entire range of products.

More Value, More Peace of Mind with Mediband Medical Alert IDs

If you or your senior loved ones live with a medical condition, you need a quick way for first responders to know. They must identify your condition even if you’re unconscious. Without medical alert jewellery, emergency responders might administer the wrong treatment. That, in turn, might cause serious harm—even death.

With Mediband’s medical alert jewellery and other products, though, you’ll have peace of mind. You’ll know that you’ll have up-to-date information available to healthcare providers in case of emergency. When seconds count, medical alert IDs save lives.

Medical Alert IDs a Necessity When Seniors Travel Abroad

Mediband’s range of medical alert IDs carry symbols that emergency workers around the world know. Having medical ID jewellery with universal symbols give seniors peace of mind. No matter where they travel, they know that care providers will know what conditions they have. With Mediband medical alert IDs, seniors can go wherever they want. They know they’ll receive proper care. For additional peace of mind, Mediband also carries custom medical IDs in many foreign languages.

How Do Medical Alert IDs Save Seniors’ Lives?

You or your senior loved one’s health may be excellent right now. Your medical condition may be under control. You may even have written down all your medications and conditions on a card. You keep your card in your wallet. Since you’re feeling well, you may be a bit sceptical. Why do you need to buy a medical alert ID, anyway? Here’s why:

Conditions with similar symptoms that require different treatment 

Many medical conditions mimic others. For instance, heart failure and asthma can both cause shortness of breath. Treatment, however, may differ widely. In fact, some of the newer heart failure medications can cause life-threatening conditions in seniors with asthma. That’s when medical alert IDs become lifesavers. With these IDs, emergency responders won’t confuse one illness with the other.

You may lose your wallet or other ID 

When you have a sudden illness, your wallet or other ID is the last thing on your loved ones’ mind. Their first instinct is to get you immediate help. Without medical jewellery on you, first responders may give you the wrong treatment.

Illness can occur anytime without warning 

Not always does the onset of a medical problem have tell-tale symptoms. Strokes, heart attacks, and allergic reactions may happen in a few seconds’ time. You may have little or no warning. Be safe. Don’t let a few dollars stand in the way of saving your life. That’s why we provide discounts to seniors. We believe in our products. We’ve seen the results with our own eyes.

Mediband ID jewellery saves lives

Read how a Mediband bracelet saved one woman's life:

From Joanne:

“I recently bought the blue Mediband with the red line and medical alert symbol on which reverses to say 'Alert Epilepsy'....I saw an advert on Facebook for you and ordered immediately. A fortnight ago, I had collapsed and had a prolonged seizure. I had gone to the chemist today where the incident happened, who informed me that within seconds of arrival, the paramedics had identified the bracelet and had indeed flipped it over...The ambulance service sadly took my wristband off amongst the chaos, as I went straight into Intensive Care, the band was lost. But rest assured, I will be coming back to you! An absolute life-saver, thanks so so much.”

We have many more stories just like Joanne's to share. You can read more of them on our testimonials page.

If you or your senior loved ones have a medical issue, don’t wait. Order your Mediband Medical alert jewellery at a 15% discount today. Remember to use the code SENIORS to get your discount.

*Mediband’s Seniors Card discount comes only with this offer. Customers cannot use it with other offers. No further discounts or offers will apply.

** Offer can only be redeemed where your country includes Mediband and the Mediband website on their Seniors Card offer & discount website.  You must have a valid Seniors Card to redeem.  If your country Seniors Card does not include this, please ask your Seniors Card in your country or state office to include Mediband and the mediband website (  Once active, this offer can then be redeemed.

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