Solving the Issue of Patient Safety with Medical Alert Bracelets

patient safety medical alert braceletsRecently, a provocative article from The Sydney Morning Herald talked about the issue of patient safety. It discussed Professor Sir Liam Donaldson – an expert on the subject. He spoke at length about problems that occur related to patient safety in both the doctor’s office and the hospital. And as Mediband’s medical alert bracelets show, we all need to keep an eye out for ways to stay safer.

This post will talk all about the issue of safety for patients. Because of the high risks in health care, we all need to stay aware of these concerns. As a result, everyone will remain happier and safer in their lives.

Finding the Problem of Patient Safety in Healthcare.

As the Herald article noted, up to 12 percent of all hospital visits stem from errors. So, over one in ten people who go to the hospital end up there due to a mistake! Hence, you can see why this is such a pervasive issue.

As Professor Donaldson said, mistakes include all of the following:

  • First, infections from preventable sources.
  • Next, using the wrong medication.
  • Furthermore, accidents such as older patients having a fall.
  • Finally, operations performed on the wrong patients!

In all of these cases, the complications were preventable. The issue stems from medical staff needing a clearer way to see patient information. These details help the staff to know exactly who a patient is – and what issues they may suffer from.

Many times, a person may not have a way to show what medical problem they have. For instance, what happens if someone can’t speak? These types of mistakes are common enough to send many people to the hospital. As a result, there needs to be a better way to display a medical issue or disease.

This is the exact place where a simple solution is the best option. And a medical ID bracelet is the answer. Since these medical alert bracelets are easy to wear and highly visible, they make it easy to alert the staff about a patient's condition. As a result, this direct visibility can prevent many of the problems listed above.

Waving Goodbye to the Culture of Fear

patient safety medical alert braceletsAs the Herald post furthered, the second problem in patient safety relates to fear. Many healthcare providers cover up the blame from their mistakes. As a result, even more people end up suffering.

There is fear on both sides of the coin. First of all, healthcare personnel are afraid of making a mistake. As a result, this fear may cause them to cover up patient issues.

Furthermore, patients also have a lot of fear as well. No one wants to fear that they will not receive the proper care. This is even truer with the real risk of a coverup. Hence, we all need a better way to reduce this risk – and improve care.

The only way to reduce this problem is to change the current culture of medicine. Healthcare providers don’t want to make a mistake. Who does, honestly? Hence, we need to adopt better ways to reduce mistakes without making things more complex.

As mentioned, the answer to this problem could be as easy as a silicone wristband from Mediband. These easy to wear medical IDs give an easy to read alert for any healthcare staff. With clear data right at hand, there is less of a need to cover up from mistakes. This is because of a much clearer way to ID patients and the alerts they may have.

Mediband Medical Alert Bracelets: Making Safety Simple.

patient safety medical alert braceletsThe humble Australian Mediband has become the US and UK's premier source for high-quality medical alert bracelets. These medical IDs are used for all sorts of conditions. No matter the problem, there is an easy way to let other people know about it. This is especially important when healthcare providers respond to a problem.

Most often, the simplest solution is often the best one. Why not apply this concept in the world of medicine? With medical IDs, patients have a clear way to show any disease or issue they suffer from. As a result, healthcare providers can perform better care with fewer risks of mistakes or errors.

Below, check out the benefits of using a Mediband medical alert bracelet.

  • Easy. First, wearing an ID wristband is easy. All you need to do is slip it right onto your wrist. Because of the bright and vibrant colours, each ID is easy to see. Also, the clear text will make it easy to see your condition.
  • Visible. These IDs are easy to see. The bright colours and clear text leave no doubt about a condition. Hence, healthcare staff can see the bracelet – and know what medical condition you may have.
  • Custom. In addition, what if you don’t see your medical condition on the site? The good news is that we also have custom options for you. Mediband can create custom silicone wristbands based on your needs. As a result, you won’t have to worry about getting the ID to enhance patient safety.
  • Safety. As discussed, the goal here is to improve your safety. Each silicone wristband achieves this goal. A simple ID can speak volumes for you – even when you can’t. Therefore, you improve your safety just by wearing this comfy wristband.

Mediband brings you IDs for all the following (and more):

  • Allergies. Alert readers to any allergy you may have. For example, common IDs include bee stings, peanuts, and more.
  • Diabetes. Next, you can alert others to your diabetes. If you have a blood sugar problem, this will show healthcare staff how to respond.
  • Penicillin. Many people have an allergy to this drug. The wristband can alert med staff to not give it to you in an emergency.
  • Seafood. A seafood allergy requires specific treatment options. An ID with this data will ensure proper treatment.

Beyond these options, you can create custom IDs with any text you like. Many people choose to put their ICE (in case of emergency) contact. Also, you could add a disability or other alert. The sky is the limit with your Mediband silicone wristband.  Mediband's lymphedema medical alert bracelets were developed with this in mind and are now standard equipment provided by some hospitals to their patients.

When it comes to safety, take it into your own hands (or wrists). Mediband’s medical alert bracelets give you the power. As a result, you can make sure that you’ll make the most out of your patient safety.

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