ID Wristbands for Pharmaceutical Trials & Beyond

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Here at Mediband, we strive to provide useful IDentification wristband options for our clients of all shapes and sizes. One particular area of medicine we have helped simplify is within pharmaceuticals. These organisations are working hard to identify and develop new medications to help people throughout the world. But they also need the right tools to keep their patients organised and safe throughout any research process.

In one specific instance, we worked with a pharmaceutical firm in helping them determine the best options for medical ID wristbands in their clinical trials. Due to the regulations regarding direct-to-consumer advertising and prescription pharmaceuticals, we cannot discuss the company by name. However, we have provided this company a straightforward method to distinguish patients, treatments and all related components to their research trials.

These clients have used customised reversible ID wristbands to distinguish patients throughout these pharmaceutical trials. They distribute the bracelets based on the type of medicine being received. Additionally, the reversible printing allows other important alerts and indicators based on the specific treatment plan.

Our products yield an ideal combination of customisable identification alongside simplicity, durability and affordable price. This particular pharmaceutical firm has deployed IDs which have kept their clients’ particular needs easily visible throughout the clinical and research process.

The Value of Medical ID wristbands

Beyond pharmaceutical trials, part of the reason Mediband has continued to provide medical bracelets is the value they create for our customers. Here are just a few of best benefits these can provide to your patients, clients, family or other loved ones:

  • Comfortably Worn by Patients

Our silicone wristbands are comfortable to wear without causing undue chafing, scraping or patient discomfort. Easy to slip on and off, they create a simple and effective method to communicate whatever message is necessary. Additionally, multiple sizes are available to ensure that wristbands will fit comfortably for everyone.

  • Easy to Read & Spot on the Wrist

Mediband’s customisable bands are available in a variety of colours – for text, logos and designs. Text is easy to read and identify, noting any medical conditions or concerns. This can include alerts, allergies, current medication or any other critical information.

  • Reversible Design for Even More Information

Our reversible bands are a great way to add even more information to a patient’s wristband. Many clients opt to include both current medical concerns as well as an indicator logo on a reversible design. That way, all critical information can be included on just one bracelet.

  • Durable, Rugged & Built to Last

Mediband bracelets are constructed using durable silicone that is built to withstand a variety of uses. It’s stretchable, bendable, and highly resistant to snapping or tearing.

This provides the perfect option to wear within any situation life brings. For medical alert usage, it’s an effective option to maintain awareness of medical conditions – inside and out of clinical settings.

Why Mediband Medical id wristbands are Critical

id wristbandsFrom a clinical perspective, medical id wristbands also hold critical importance for safety and identification reasons. Medical professionals note the value of our products across all the following areas:

  • Quick Identification Means Better Safety

A bracelet with a clear, easy-to-read message or warning makes it easy for all medical professionals to identify. ID wristbands with a direct message about a medicine or allergy is quickly ascertained and understood by doctors, caretakers, first responders and more. That means they can better guarantee patient safety across all treatment areas.

  • No Questions About Which Medications are Being Used

A potentially common situation within any medical care or treatment scenario involves inadvertent exposure to allergies, adverse drug interactions and other problems. For instance, administering a common pain medicine alongside another drug could escalate a minor medical procedure into an emergency. That’s why clear indicators of other medications, allergies or sensitivity are such an important aspect of care.

Wearing medical id wristbands keeps the guesswork out of this by providing a straightforward alert to professionals. There are no added complexities to this approach. Instead, an ID with a current medication or allergy removes any questions caretakers may have.

  • Medical Communication for Emergencies

In emergency situations, understanding a patient’s medication, allergy and other concerns is of the utmost importance. This is particularly true when a patient is unable to communicate – and their caretaker cannot be reached. Allergic reactions or improper medicine combinations can create additional complications to an already escalated medical emergency.

With easily identifiable information, silicone id wristbands leave no question as to what issues should be considered for treatment. And they can alert medical personnel and emergency staff to any allergies, potential cross-effects from medicines and other concerns.

Reversible Options for Even More Information

As mentioned, our line of custom, reversible, silicone medical ID bracelets from Mediband make it easy to add all the information required for any medical condition.

Our easy-to-follow customisation interface makes it easy to find the right style, colour and size for your bands. You can add text across multiple text areas – on both sides of the bracelet. You can even customise the display font to find just the right combination of options.

Designer options are also available to add a bit of style to a bracelet. After all, these IDs are worn by clients, patients and loved ones all the time. Why not add a bit of style to the useful information these bracelets provide? Options include logos, multi-coloured bands and more.

From an individual perspective, smaller or individual orders are also available. A set of Mediband id wristbands for a loved one, friend or family member can help keep them safe – across all their areas of care.

Providing the Tools for Medical Success & Safety

Mediband has enabled all sorts of pharmaceutical trials to succeed thanks to a convenient and customisable wearable option for their trial. The availability of reversible medical wristbands simplified the identification process for those in the trial. And they gave both researchers and participants a simple method for identifying specifically customised information within this particular trial.

It’s this type of ease, simplicity and customisation that has helped distinguished our products above the competition. Have a look at our line of reversible id wristbands to see all the wonderful products we have available. We’re sure that you’ll find just the right medical ID options – at the right price – no matter your specific needs and requirements.

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  • I have bout 6 / 7 different conditions how much do these cost or do I get separate ones for each ailment ?

    • Michael Randall January 21, 2016 at 8:43 pm

      Hi Tracey,

      Mediband has a very large range of products available at However, the best solution for you would be to create a custom mediband:

      You should be able to fit most on there. If not, when placing your order, let us know the full phrase in the order notes.



  • Are these available in the UK? If so how much are they and how do I go about getting one? I have an implanted intrathecal pump and a spinal cord stimulator and cannot have an mri scan, I'm also on morphine and Tramadol, pregabalin, azathioprine, atorvastatine, lignocaine plasters, sertraline, fultium do, cetitizine, trooping chloride, raniitidine and paracetamol. Do you think I could have that on a wristband? I have fibromyalgia and crps. Is there sponsorship available and what is the total price including p&p and vat?

    • Michael Randall October 31, 2017 at 4:30 am

      Hi Roy,

      Yes, we supply to the UK and EU via We'll email you now with details. Thank you.

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