How to use your Mediband

The first thing to think about is what information to put on your mediband. It's big enough to fit critical info but you don't have all the space in the world. Many people include the following:

First and Last Name

Medical Condition

Allergies (if relevant)

Emergency contact number (your spouse, parent or doctor)

If you have a medical condition that requires a specific drug, put that information on there. For example:

First and Last name

Diabetes Type 1

Insulin dependent

Emergency contact number

Your Mediband  brand medical bracelet can be worn in the shower, swimming and throughout almost any other activity - it's quite robust and, unlike metal bracelets, won't be harmed by salt water, for example. If you require a medic alert bracelet with more information, consider our enhanced MedibandPlus  product. MedibandPlus is vital if you have a life-threatening illness that could strike at anytime. It acts as a medical alert bracelet, warning treating professionals about possible causes of your current circumstances. If you suffer any form of illness that may render you unconscious a medic alert type of bracelet is vital.

Sometimes our customers are the best advertising we can do!

" Wonderful prompt service. Very reasonably priced. My husband wears his penicillin alert proudly. So comfortable and not a danger to wear like a chain which can get caught in machinery. His friends all want to know where he got it. Ordered a second one just in case."

- Sophie (South Australia)

For family members with a life-threatening illness, a Mediband makes a lot of sense. If you need immediate treatment then you'll know that mere minutes can make all the difference, Mediband or MedibandPlus is a must. They’re inexpensive and could save a life - see here for full details.

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