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  • 4 Ways a Medical ID Bracelet Could Save Your Life

    Medical ID BraceletMost of us have a basic understanding of what a medical alert bracelet is and what it is used for. Many of us may even have had them recommended to us by our doctor or another healthcare professional.  But few of us really understand the true extent of the benefit a handy little medical ID bracelet provides.

    Read on to learn about four ways a medical id bracelet can save your life, some of them might just astound you!

    Clarification of Symptoms

    In order to implement life-saving care, medical staff must quickly and effectively solve the puzzle of what is wrong with a patient and how it can be put right. More often than not, this puzzle is easily cracked by a trained doctor or healthcare practitioner, but in some cases, even experienced professionals may find it difficult to make an accurate diagnosis.

    For example, some conditions have misleading symptoms which mimic those of other conditions. Fibromyalgia – which causes patients to experience pain across wide areas of the body – can be mistaken for an underacting thyroid or osteoarthritis, which require different treatment regimens. To implement the correct care, Continue reading

  • 4 Ways to Make Medical Alert ID Bracelets for Kids Fun!

    id bracelets for kidsMedical alert bracelets can save your life by passing on valuable information to doctors and medics in the event of an emergency. Unfortunately, as with most things that have health benefits, kids often find them clunky and annoying, and are reluctant to wear them. So how can you encourage your child to wear his or her ID bracelet?

    The key is to try to make wearing the bracelet fun and to engage the child’s imagination. This is easier said than done, but it can make it much easier to persuade your child that wearing their bracelet is a good idea.

    Customise id bracelets for kids

    Kids love things that look nice. Kids love things that look cool. Kids don’t love things that look clunky and perfunctory and make other kids laugh at them in the playground. Fortunately, there are hundreds of types id bracelets for kids on the market, many of them specifically designed to be enjoyable and fun to wear for kids. Continue reading

  • Epilepsy Bracelets: For Your Safety & Protection

    epilepsy bracelets

    Do you or someone you love suffer from epilepsy? Epilepsy is a neurological condition which causes victims to suffer from seizures. While the seizures vary in scope and severity, the disorder can quickly become a medical emergency without proper identification and response.

    Treatment options for epilepsy including medication have made the disorder much more manageable for those suffering from it. However, do you have all your safeguards in place if an emergency were to occur?

    One of the major problems related to this and many other disorders is safeguarding yourself when you’re incapacitated. How can you tell someone you have epilepsy if you’re unconscious or unable to speak? That’s why you need to plan ahead and set up safeguards to alert those around you about your condition.

    In most cases, you can wear an epilepsy bracelet Continue reading

  • Making Lives Easier (and Safer) with Medic Alert Bracelets

    I'm diabetic medic alert silicone wristbands

    Allergies, medical conditions and other diseases are all unfortunate problems many of us have to endure in our lives. While these types of diseases cause pain and suffering, the right medication and treatment can help keep them treated and under control.

    We all work hard to ensure that our diseases or problems remain under our control at all times. However, there may be times where something happens beyond your scope of control. What happens when an emergency occurs related to your medical condition but you’re unable to communicate any essential information?

    For many people, one simple solution can resolve this potential issue before Continue reading

  • Stick On Thermometers A Great Health Care Product for Kids

    Stick On ThermometersAny parent can attest to the fact that kids just hate thermometers. Whether it’s a very little one who doesn’t understand and wants that thing away from his mouth or underarm (or worse) right now or a somewhat older tyke who, being sick and cranky, is in no mood to cooperate, taking a sick child’s temperature can be more challenging than solving a Rubik’s Cube. In our modern world there’s a solution for everything, and this is no exception.

    Temperature Options

    Parents have a variety of options for checking the temperature of a sick child. Here’s a quick overview:

    1. Under the tongue style. A glass or digital thermometer is used, and the child must hold the thermometer under their tongue before an accurate temperature is given. This method is not recommended for children of 5 years and under.

    2. Ear thermometers. These handy thermometers use infrared rays to take the temperature of the ear canal. They are recommended for Continue reading

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