The Mediband difference

Mediband-01Sometimes our customers are the best advertising we can do!

" I have a very rare Platelet Dysfunction and also have Epilepsy. I have bought the metal Medical ID bracelets before & had them engraved but, not only are they chunky & ugly, I have allergies to a few types of metal, so I'd always get an awful rash from them. I was overjoyed to find Mediband. I wanted to customise my own set and after writing to the company, I was pleasantly surprised by the speedy & overly helpful responses I got. I had my bands designed, ordered and paid for in under an hour. I will have peace of mind, wearing these bands, knowing that even if I'm unconscious, people will see the band (I love all the fantastic colours available) and know exactly what to do and what my conditions are. And best of all.... No rashes!!! I will definitely be buying only medibands from now on. I'm an extremely happy customer! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)"

- Carly (Enfield, New South Wales, Australia)

What Carly talks about in terms of allergic reaction to metals is very important. The mediband allergy bracelets - and indeed, all of our products - are made of non-allergenic silicone. They're designed to be tough, to carry all the information you need and, most of all, to be easy to wear.

Mediband is our everyday product and it's perfect for allergies or conditions like diabetes, epilepsy and drug allergies. It's also ideal for kids because the bright colours make it 'cool' to wear - which is really important to kids of most ages.

MedibandPlus is a medic alert style of bracelet that, while still made of silicone, acts as 'door' to your more substantial medical records. A treating medical professional can quickly access all the necessary records - as dictated by you - online and start treating immediately.

If you have a medical condition, consider our MedibandPlus product.

For anyone with a life-threatening illness, a Mediband makes a lot of sense. For example one of our products is a set of hospital medical bracelets that alert staff to a morphine allergy (or any number of treatment concerns) - see here for full details.

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  • Mrs Alison T Ridgway June 10, 2013 at 7:26 am

    My younger daughter Alyssa has a peanut allergy and wears one of these at school and parties to make sure everyone is aware.
    Excellent product great value for money.
    Very pleased..

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