Keeping asthma-affected children safe

Our Mediband® and MedibandPlus® products are an ideal safeguard against a sudden asthma attack when your child is out of your immediate care - at a friend's house, in the school playground, visiting relatives.

Mediband is discreet, attractive, not embarrassing for the kids to wear and can alert supervising adults to the immediate steps they need to take, or better yet, allow swift diagnosis by medical personnel.

This is particularly important for asthma sufferers. The Asthma Foundation has some good tips for kids travelling away from home. They suggest a number of pre-trip ideas; have a check up before travelling, update the medication, have a written Asthma plan, take a prescription just in case you lose the medication enroute and more. See here for more.

  • Use a Mediband
  • Carry a letter from your doctor
  • Know where medical facilities are in the different state, country or city

You don't have to be less active with Asthma, you just need to plan for it.

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