Keeping school-age children safe

Mediband Keeping You Safe

Our Mediband® and MedibandPlus® products are getting a lot of interest as we in the southern hemisphere start our new school year.

Every school takes its obligations for the safety of students seriously and with the figures for childhood illnesses like diabetes and asthma seemingly on the upkick, a lot of schools are working out how best to protect students and enable medical attention as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We have the 6th highest incidence of type 1 diabetes in children in the western world. Did you know that one in nine children has asthma? The figures are concerning and the Duty of Care that schools have is driving more schools to take a 'be prepared' approach.

Mediband can protect children if they have a serious medical issue.  Mediband is discreet, attractive, fun for kids to wear and can alert caregivers and teachers to the steps they need to take in an emergency situation without panic and confusion.

- Food allergy protection

- Childhood illness protection

- Emergency treatment options (MedibandPlus)

- Allergic reaction to common antibiotics

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