Is there a medical issue in your family?

The internet has brought many things; news, views and sights from sources we've never had available before. Here's this week's round up. And don't forget, if you or a family member has a medical condition, protect yourself with a Mediband - so medical assistance can assess your needs quickly.

1. Preserve those memories.  hands up those who exclusively take digital snaps on their phone or camera... and keep them on the memory stick? Hands up those who would be devastated if you lost all those precious memories to a hard drive crash? Yes, us too. The answer is creating a photo book of all your memories. The idea is simple; a number of companies can supply software that you use to create a book incorporating all the snaps you want.  There are different sizes and page lengths and you can write text next to the pics and create a professional looking album for next to no time and quite a reasonable price. Here's an example of how it works.

2. Social media. Want to know how your children will interact with you on social media as they get older? Not well, is the short answer! Children want independence and won't 'friend' you until their late twenties. The statistics are here.

3. Are you a parent?  Good news; you'll likely live longer as a result. Researchers examined 21,276 couples undergoing IVF treatment for infertility over a 14-year period, and found that, for reasons that remain confounding, both women and men who remained childless had a greater chance of dying prematurely (through circulatory disease, cancers or accidents) than those who either had children biologically or adopted.  More here.

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