Mediband Plus - safety in knowledge

If you or a family member has a medical condition, protect yourself with a Mediband - so medical assistance can assess your needs quickly.

1. Allergies.  Mediband Plus is your discreet, secure, potential life saver. A mediband plus bracelet lets you print details of a medical condition, plus an access membership number that medical personnel can use to see a full run down on your medical history, including allergies, before treatment.

2. Medical Database. Your medical history doesn't have to be there for all to see on your mediband bracelet - and nor would it fit. Instead, all your details are secured in a database that can be quickly accessed by treating medical practitioners. It's ideal should a medical emergency render you unconscious and unable to give details yourself.

3. Are you a parent?  If your child or children suffer from allergies or a medical condition that may require urgent medical attention, then mediband plus is your security blanket. Full medical details can be accessed through the secure online database and medical history, allergic reactions, surgery needs and more can all be accessed quickly and in the right environment.

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