Victorian Sleep Scientist advocates wearing medical bands after close brush with death

Breaking NewsChris Bunney knows the dangers associated with having a potentially fatal health condition. In 2009 he went to the gym at 7.24am. He left at 7.34am. For one hour and forty minutes he wandered around the nearby supermarket in a daze, unaware he was quickly heading towards a hypoglycaemic coma.

When Chris collapsed on the floor on the supermarket, he had a lucky chance meeting with a stranger that recognised his Type 1 diabetic symptoms who called for an ambulance. Chris was so close to death that the paramedics took over an hour to stabilise him.

“I actually did experience the white light phenomenon that many people who have experienced a near death describe. I was like my spirit left my body and I was observing it and everything felt perfect and almost surreal. When the ambulance guys revived me I felt a sense of disappointment” Mr Bunney said.

“I was very lucky that someone recognised my symptoms but this experience shows how important it is to wear a medical wristband so that people who can help you know exactly what your health condition is. I spent well over an hour and a half wandering around in a stupor and people may have thought I was a drug addict or drunk, and therefore avoided me. If I had been wearing my Mediband at the time, I could have got help earlier.”

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