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All the news that's fit to print... from a wide range of sources around the interwebz. Enjoy! And don't forget, if you or a family member has a medical condition, protect yourself with a Mediband - so medical assistance can assess your needs quickly.

1. Keeping the family healthy.  Yes, it's not easy when everyone's running here and there, but a few basic rules, as demonstrated by you, will keep everyone happy and healthy! Here's how: Make them, and you, eat breakfast everyday. It's a trigger for the entire bodily system and is vital. Get them walking at least 30 minutes a day - whether it's to and fro the bus stop, down to the shops, whatever - make them walk. Sit less, move more. Eat smaller, more regular meals... the list goes on.

2. The risks of making kids fat. It's worth thinking about how best to keep your kids at their optimum weight. Childhood obesity is on the increases and the risks are becoming clearer by the day. The full details are here, but we risk giving our children Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems later in life. Did you also know that obesity can result in breathing problems? And this may lead to sleep apnoea and asthma. Prevention is the best cure and the time to start is now; set a good eating example and bypass the snacks and fizzy drinks aisle, make sure everyone in the family gets regular exercise.

3. Do you suffer from allergies?  Rather than respond with over the counter medications that just suppress the symptoms try some natural remedies that might help the body fight the cause. Quercetin is available from your local health food store and it helps by stopping the release of histamine in the system - which is the chemical that makes you all snotty and hazy.  Stinging nettle extract has been shown in several human trials to reduce the classic symptoms of hay fever and Pycnogenol is an extract from the pine tree. It helps to reduce allergy symptoms. All three are available at the health store and there's more information here.

4. Protection for allergies. Many allergies are deadly serious, and if that's the case with your child, you need a mediband. Medibands make sure everyone - teachers, other parents on play dates, carers - know what the issue is if something happens. A mediband takes the guess work out of reacting and in a situation where seconds count, fast, correct action may make all the difference. Diabetes, asthma, severe allergies, medical conditions - all need the security of a mediband so that your child can live a normal, active life.

5. Do you suffer lower back problems?  Here are some simple tips and tricks to alleviate the pain. 1. Do morning exercise and warm up your body before heading out the door. Lie on the floor and stretch and strengthen. 2. Introduce swimming into your routine - it's simply the best back exercise there is because you don't stress your spine. 3. Walk to the shops instead of driving. 4. Get from your office chair every 30 minutes and roll out your shoulders, move your head from side to side and lift one leg away from the body, hold, return and repeat. Then do the other leg.

Extreme sports may not be everyone's cup of tea, but done in slo-mo it's pretty cool!

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