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Medical Alert Wristbands Provide Peace of Mind - Case Study

medical alert wristbandsHaving an allergy or medical condition can seem like an inconvenience and a burden. Luckily, Mediband medical alert wristbands can help to make living with a medical condition or allergy that little bit easier.

Andy Baker from Pocklington in the East Riding of Yorkshire suffers from Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Disorder (Type 1), more commonly known as MEN1. He found out about Mediband after his wife read a ‘useful websites’ page in Easy Living.

Medical Alert Wristbands

Mediband is a leading medical ID device producer for a number of allergies, food intolerances, and health conditions like diabetes and asthma. If the patient is wearing Mediband medical alert wristbands indicating their condition, vital seconds can be gained and suitable treatment can be administered quickly.

Andy comments: “I am self employed and often have to work with ladders and power tools. Wearing Mediband's medical alert wristbands means my condition can be communicated to anyone around me. The Mediband also includes contact details for my wife so that she can be informed and also provide information.”

Medical alert wristbands are available in a range of colours, styles and sizes, as well as a wallet card which can be printed with all known medical conditions for the carrier.

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