Medical Alert Bracelets Help First Responders

medical alert braceletsMillions of people receive emergency medical assistance from first responders in Australia each year. While this is most commonly thought of in relation to a vehicle crash, other factors such as injuries, respiratory, and heart conditions are the most common reasons why individuals require emergency medical assistance and transportation to the hospital. The care that they receive from the first responders while they are en route to the hospital is directly related to the ability of those people to receive accurate information about the health history of the individual. One of the best steps that you can take to communicate with these first responders is to invest in a medical alert bracelet that contains access to vital information about you.

What Could Happen

Before you invest in a medical alert bracelet, you may be wondering how realistic it is to plan for such an event. First, consider that only about four percent of the cases that SA Ambulance Service responds to in Australia are related to car accidents and collisions. One-third of the calls for emergency service that their staff at SA Ambulance Service responds to are related to cardiac or respiratory conditions, people feeling generally not well or other medical conditions. Another one-third of the calls they receive are for assistance with transferring an individual to a hospital from a home, another hospital, or a nursing home. In many of these cases, the medical alert braceletsindividual is not conscious or is confused. He or she may be unable to explain to first responders what happened or what special medical conditions the healthcare workers need to know about. In addition, drug allergies and current medications that the individual is taking are also not known by first responders and very relevant to treatment. In some cases, family members may be present to provide this information, but this is not always the case. You need to have a convenient and reliable method to communicate to first responders in all situations.

What a Medical Alert Bracelet Can Tell First Responders

A medical alert bracelet from Mediband is made from durable silicone, and you can customise it with a phone number that first responders can call to receive vital information about the individual at all times. This includes everything from the individual's name and address to height, weight, current medications, physician, health history and drug allergies. Essentially, a medical alert bracelet is a convenient and reliable way to ensure that first responders have medical alert braceletsaccess to all information about you, even when you are not able to provide that information to them directly. If a condition is not extensive and easily identified, you can purchase a condition medical alert bracelet.

An Affordable Investment

You may think that you would pay a small fortune for a medical alert bracelet that essentially could save your life in an emergency situation. After all, if you are mistreated due to the first responders' lack of knowledge about your health status, the consequences could be catastrophic. A medical alert bracelet is available to you for under $10. You can invest in one for yourself, your children, your parents or anyone else who have an underlying medical condition, special health considerations or drug allergies. These are designed to be comfortable to wear every day and durable enough to hold up well for years with daily use.

A medical alert bracelet from Mediband is a comfortable and affordable alternative to the traditional medical ID bracelet. It also can communicate far more information to first responders than a traditional medical ID bracelet. If you want to take control over your healthcare, or if you are concerned about a loved one, you can easily order your alert bracelet from Mediband today.

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