Fashionable Medical Bracelets Saves Lives

fashionable medical braceletsChildren’s safety is always paramount in the eyes of parents. This is especially true if your child suffers from a specific medical condition or allergy. Luckily, Mediband is able to provide peace of mind in case an unexpected event should happen.

Wearing medical ID can save lives by providing first responders with the vital information they need to make accurate and informed decisions.

Fiona Copland from Dumfries has two daughters, aged six and three, who both suffer from asthma, as well as a 16 month old son who has a lactose intolerance. She carried out an internet search and came across the Mediband site.

Fiona says: “The girls used to wear SOS bracelets but they both hated them because they were so heavy. Jewellery had to be taken off during PE at school as well, which also meant it was left there quite often. I was after something light that would be safe to wear at all times. As these bands are fashionable at the moment, it ticked all the right boxes.”  Mediband has a large range fashionable medical bracelets for both men, women and children, in sizes to suit everyone.

Fashionable Medical Bracelets

Mediband is a leading medical ID device producer for a number of allergies, food intolerances, and health conditions like diabetes and asthma. If the patient is wearing a Mediband indicating their condition, vital time can be gained and suitable treatment can be administered quickly.  Medical first responders are trained to look for medical alert ID in emergencies.

Fashionable medical bracelets by Mediband are available in a range of colours, styles and sizes, as well as a wallet card which can be printed with all known medical conditions for the carrier.  Fashionable and low cost, there is a mediband to suit any budget.

More information and the full list of bracelets available can be found at

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