Here comes Easter!

Mediband EasterAnd for those with illness in the family it's a time to be vigilant. Whether it's dietary considerations in new surroundings or the simple logistics of planning medications and treatment while you're away, every parent of a chronically ill child knows the difficulties to come. If you're travelling internationally there are further issues to contend with. This is a very helpful article for those intending to travel overseas. The synopsis suggests using a travel agent to enable easier seat allocation (near the bathroom, or with more room), carrying essential medication in your carry on, using the airline medical assistance departments to advise you and your family doctor on specific travel-related concerns. It also has specific information and links - for example, if medical assistance is needed  overseas, the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers publishes a directory of English speaking doctors, and advice for travellers (web site It's also worth noting that many theme parks (including LEGOLAND and Disney parks) have a guest assistance pass that allows guests with disabilities and other challenges to use either the “Fast Pass” line, enter via the exit, or use a special entrance that bypasses long lines. Does someone in your family have an illness that puts them in danger of an event outside the home? Then consider a Mediband to alert others and enable medical professionals to establish the necessary treatment protocols in the event of a medical emergency.

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