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Your medical safety is what we are all about. So, to that end, we also sell a huge variety of other medical and safety products that will keep you safe – whether you’re at work, in the car, at home, outdoors – and more!


Have a look through our range of online safety equipment. We have an excellent array of first aid kits. Each has a specific need in mind. For example, our Outdoor and Leisure First Aid Kit has sunscreen, wound dressing and wipes plus bandages and more – all the things you might need should something happen in the great outdoors.


Do you need to know more about a medical condition you or a family member has? Check out our range of specific medical condition books.


We have first aid kits, protective glasses, sports medical ids and fevermate stickers for children. We have cooking books that will help with various conditions and we even have defibrillators for those workplace needs!

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