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Kids grow (who knew?). So their wrists get bigger and their choice of appropriate colour changes. Rather than re-order your medical id wristbands every year or so, why not order a Growing Up Healthy pack now and then forget about having to order something every year or so? Our Growing Up Heathy packs are a series of sizes that relate to the medical condition. You can use the band that fits now and put the rest in a safe place ready for use as and when your child’s arm size continues its growth spurt.


Your medical message is printed on a band of each available size.


If your child’s medical needs are a concern to you when they’re out of the house, a Mediband bracelet gives you some peace of mind. You can’t be there all the time but you can insure that teachers, carers and other parents know what to respond to and what information they need to give to medical responders. 

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Growing Up Healthy Packs
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