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So you have a drug or pharmaceutical allergy (or your child does)? How do you protect them once they’re out and about – at friend’s places, on school camps and running around as they do? You don’t want to restrict their lifestyle too much because they should have the freedom to be kids, right?


The answer is a Mediband allergy bracelet.


Allergy Medical Alert ID Wristbands help protect you and your loved ones in the case of an emergency.  They let carers know not to give certain medications. They let carers and medical personnel know what they’re dealing with should a medical event occur.


Seconds count in an emergency.  We know that the right treatment delivered in a timely manner is a life saver. Make sure first-responders are able to diagnose the medical condition by wearing an allergy medical alert bracelet by Mediband.  Manage the risk of your children being out there in the wide world with a Mediband allergy alert bracelet. Don't risk not wearing one!


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