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Medical id bracelets have traditionally been made of metal – that catches, pings at airports and looks a little old-fashioned. Modern silicone bracelets don't catch, they’re extremely hard-wearing and come in an enormous variety of colours and styles. That means that everyone – from corporate professional to university student to child in a playground can find a band in a colour and style to suit them.


Better yet they’re eminently customisable so you can put specific information on them. You can buy medical ids in the language of the country you’re about to visit. You can put as little or as much information on the customisable bands as you like. You can buy a range of colours and styles to suit your busy week, your relaxing weekend and your formal event nights out – you have the flexibility to live your life!


Simple protection is all most people are after. They understand their medical condition is just something they have to live with – and a medical id wristband helps them do that. 


We provide a variety of medical ID bracelets made of silicone and stainless steel, to suit your every need by being fashionable yet practical. Don't let your condition change how you live your life, let our medical ID bracelets protect you while you go about your daily lives!

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