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We’ve all been there. It’s three in the morning and you’re struggling to take a child’s temperature. They’re ill and unwilling, you’re tired and fractious – how do you get that thermometer in and staying in for the required time frame?


Easy! You have a pack of Fevermates on standby. These brilliant sticky patches simply attach to the child’s forehead and you monitor for a couple of minutes. The patch will change colour and register a temperature. All the while your ill child is none the wiser and can simply concentrate on being cuddled, not manhandled!


Fevermates are sticky patches in cute animal shapes with vibrant, friendly colours. Your kids aren’t threatened by them, there’s nothing poking around in uncomfortable places and once it’s on they don’t even notice the whole temperature taking stress thing that’s happening around them.


Upset kids? Who needs it – invest in a pack of Fevermates and your temp-taking stress days are over. Stays on and can monitor fever for up to 48 hours.

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