A Wide Range of Ready-To-Wear Medical ID

Mediband has one of the largest range of ready-to-wear medical ID in the world.  And we ship daily, so if you need your medical ID in a hurry, we'll get it to you just as quickly as the fastest delivery networks can ship them to you.  If you're in the area, you can also collect from store.  Don't forget, Medibands are also sold at most pharmacies, hospitals and medical centres.

The choice of products on our site should make dealing with your - or your child's - medical conditon easier.

If you can't find your medical condition here, you can always use our customised products to alert carers and medical personnel to the issue.  Mediband custom medical ID can be created with your contact details and conditons, and can fit quite a lot of information.

Mediband medical ID with pre-engraved and printed messages usually ship within 24 hours, or you can select your own unique message using the online custom medical alert ID tool. These will take longer to ship, given the production time required.

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