Our Story

Mediband is a subsidiary of Handband, one of the premier customised silicone wristband providers. Handband created a number of medical ID alert bracelets, to help customers with allergies and other medical conditions. What started with only a few medical condition awareness medical ID bracelets, soon grew to 10, then 20 different types of medical conditions (and growing), from diabetes to pencillin allergy silicone medical ID bracelets to stainless steel medical ID jewellery, Mediband has you covered.  Mediband now has one of the largest range of medical bracelets on the web. If your medical condition is not available, please contact Mediband, and we will create a new medical bracelet for you.

Originally developed because children would not wear the traditional metal medical ID bracelets, Medibands are now worn by many different people of all ages, from children to outdoors sports fanatics.

Our Commitment to Quality

Mediband is an Australian owned company based in Sydney that specialises in high quality customised silicone wristbands. Mediband medical alert bracelets can be customised with phrases, logos, and artwork. Mediband Medical ID bracelets are also available in a wide range of colours, styles and sizes - the ideas and the possibilities are endless.

Mediband Customer Service

At Mediband we understand that ordering medcial ID bracelets, necklaces & first aid kits is not just a simple transaction.  Medical issues and concerns are often associated with the most important areas of our lives. We believe in serving our customers personally and attending to our customers' concerns. So please contact us if you require any assistance, or have any questions about our silicone bracelets.

Reliable Delivery and Turn-Around

We understand that prompt and dependable delivery is extremely important to our customers. That is why at Mediband, we guarantee rapid and efficient order turn-around for your medical ID.

Our Customers

We are proud of our ability to supply everyone in the market - from large hospitals, schools, and sporting corporations thru to individuals. No matter who you are, Mediband can help you protect yourself. So, let us assist you with finding the right medical ID and safety products for you, whether you need 1, 100, 1000 or even more.  Universal medical ID for all, not matter what your budget is!


Do you think your customers would benefit from Mediband medical ID & safety products such as first aid kits? Interested in learning more about reselling Mediband and offering them to your customers?
Authorised resellers receive bulk discounts over the entire range of medibands (includes different products & sizes). Compliment your reselling with an Affiliate Coupon Voucher: Great for earning commissions on custom medibands, and products that you might not have in stock. See below for further information.

We also have a great range of Point Of Sale accessories. Download the Mediband Brochure for more information and feel free to contact us with any questions.


Don't want to purchase mediband medical ID and first aid kits outright to resell? Earn up to 25% on sales made through your link to the Mediband® site, via website banners on your website OR through your offline marketing materials, or both. Want to learn more? Link to the Mediband Affiliate Program page or feel free to contact us with any questions.  Click here to contact Mediband today!

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