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Enjoy life more knowing that you - or your loved one - can get immediate and appropriate treatment should something happen


Stay safe.  

Enjoy life more knowing that you - or your loved one - can get immediate and appropriate treatment should something happen.

Artificial pacemakers are used to regulate and synchronize a patient's heartbeat to ensure an adequate heart rate. This is essential for patients who's natural heart pacemaker isn't working as it should, either because its too slow, or because of a block in the heart's conduction system. This impairs the heart's ability to pump blood through the body, and therefore jeopardizes a patient's health. The insertion of an artifical pacemaker allows the patient to resume their regular daily activities with the exception of some strenous exercise or work involving strong magnetic fields. However, notifying attending paramedics and other medical professionals to your artificial pacemaker is essential as this will prevent any treatment course that could further exacerbate your medical condition. Pacemaker recipients can't be subject to some common scans and medical tests, eg a MRI scan, and wearing a Pacemaker Recipient Alert Medical ID Wristband alerts medical professionals to this information when you are unable to. In the case of an emergency, our Pacemaker Recipient Alert Medical ID Wristbands will notify paramedics to your condition, and allow them to quickly search for your pacemaker recipient card which will have more of your medical information on it, your identity, as well as the date of insertion, model, manufacturer and type of leads of your pacemaker. This information is essential for medical professionals to accurately and precisely assess the situation, and provide you with the best and most appropriate treatment without further jeopardizing your health. Stay safe with Mediband, wear your Pacemaker Recipienet Alert Medical ID Wristband today!


Phrase 1: Pacemaker Alert!

Phrase 2: Pacemaker Receipient

Colour: White

Colour Infill: Blue & Red

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