Medical Bracelet Saves Young Woman's Life Multiple Times

medical braceletHannah Kean was diagnosed at the age of 21 with Anaphylaxis after a life time of baffling ill health and regular hospital visits since she was a toddler. The diagnosis was made after Hannah experienced an unexpected anaphylactic attack from eating an instant packet of macaroni cheese.

“The only reasonable explanation for such a serious reaction to the microwaved packet of macaroni cheese is that it must have been manufactured on equipment used to produce seafood or fish products”, Miss Kean said.

“Ever since then I have been fatally allergic to iodine,
crustaceans and all types of fish and in my early 20’s I had between 30 and 40 anaphylactic episodes which were life threatening.

“At the same time as being diagnosed with Anaphylaxis, I began to lose my hearing. Several years later the progressive hearing loss led my rheumatologist to diagnose me with a genetic auto immune disorder known as Muckle Wells Syndrome, and now I am 99.98 per cent deaf.

“In any year I can spend up to two months in hospital at a time, and as I live on my own my greatest threat is actually my allergies because if something triggers an anaphylactic response, my throat will swell making it very difficult to breathe let alone talk to someone in an emergency, and because of my deafness it makes it even harder for me to get help as I cannot talk on the phone or hear responses.

Doctor Recommends Medical Bracelet

“In 2007, my immunologist suggested I wear a medical medical braceletalert bracelet but as a student I couldn’t afford the $200 for the traditional metal kind but then I found the silicone Mediband medical bracelet products for less than $10.

“My deafness is the main reason why I wear one because sometimes I misread people and I therefore may be misunderstood. In a medical emergency it is critical that people around me know what my health issues are.

“Whenever I have been admitted to hospital for either Muckle Wells related conditions or my allergies, my Mediband medical bracelet has warned doctors, nurses, radiologists, and paramedics on my condition and they then have asked further questions before giving me certain medications-as some may cause further complications or actually trigger an allergic reaction.

“The medical bracelet has also helped prevent me from being given contrast mediums or injections for MRI and CT scans which can cause reactions.

“My Mediband medical bracelet is so durable and long lasting and I make sure I wear them 24/7 as they give me peace of mind knowing that if I ever become unconscious or unable to speak they will communicate my health issues for me.”

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2 thoughts on “Medical Bracelet Saves Young Woman's Life Multiple Times”

  • Terri Anne Richardson December 29, 2012 at 3:57 am

    Hannah is an amazing young woman who has had many battles but still has a positive out look on life. Mediband should be proud to have her promoting their product.
    Great work Mediband and Hannah.

  • thats fantastic it's scary when u can't communicate what's wrong. I don't feel hypoglycemia and by the time it happens with my two young boys around if I didn't wear my medi band heaven only knows what would of happened to my boys. I'm often mistaken for being drunk.medi band is amazing I owe them so much. xxxxxxx

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