Season's greetings from the Mediband team

Whatever you might be doing these holidays, the team at Mediband wish you happy and safe holidays this season!  Worry Less, Live More!

Here's the last dose of our blog before the end of 2012!

1. A medical condition?  If events move beyond your control into an emergency situation it's nice to know that there is backup in the form of critical medical information on your wrist. Mediband is discreet, attractive, fun for kids to wear and can protect you in a variety of situations, plus the look great on adults also!

2. Critical medical information. Treating medical professionals need to know what you are allergic too. They need to know if you have diabetes or epilepsy, surgical implants like a pacemaker or other.

3. Are you a parent?  If your child or children suffer from allergies or a medical condition that may require urgent medical attention, then MedibandPlus may be your answer. Right now there is 1 year's free access on a personal membership so you can enable medical professionals to access your complete medical history on line in seconds.

4. Are you a medibandPlus member?  Now is a good time to check that your medical details stored on the medibandPlus medical database are correct and up-to-date.  By maintaining up-t0-date medical records, you may just save your own life!

Enjoy your holidays and stay safe ...

Worry Less, Live More!

The Team at Mediband

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