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Sometimes all you need is a little information - a nudge, as it were, to help make decisions about exercise, health and how to keep your family strong and happy. Here's some general titbits from around the interwebz... And don't forget, if anyone in the family suffers from an allergy, make sure they can get help fast with a Mediband - so medical assistance can access your history quickly.

1. Comfort food that's good for you! Buying the groceries and cooking daily is a chore we could all do without, but unless you have an 'Alice' on the job, there's no avoiding it. You can enjoy comfort foods though like mashed potatoes, roast lamb and lemon stir fry without jumping through hoops, spending up large and counting the calorie cost. Here's how.

2. Watch those knocks. Are any of your children involved in contact sports? Then these guys say young, developing, brains are at greater risk than adult brains. They have a couple of tips to increase safety, such as better training, the warning signs of concussion, and get your child off the field.

3. Flu season coming up.  Consider the vaccination shot; for you, the kids and your partner. Yes, 'it's only a cold' but consider the upside; relatively healthy through it all, no sick days for you or the kids and the ability to go into a crowded movie theatre without shuddering.  

4. Bullying. What to do. Everyone's very in tune with bullying action these days, but your kids may not be aware of the importance of various things they can do about it. The first step is to make it 'safe' for them to talk about it; either at the dinner table or on the way to school or whatever. Give them a forum where they can raise an issue. have other socialisation activities arranged so your child has the chance to make plenty of different friends. There are more tips here. And don't forget the 'Say No to Bullying' handband for your school or community.

5. Want to boost the little one's development?  There's some really good advice here, starting with get them outdoors into the local park with other kids their age. Give them puzzles to do - the wooden ones that your local library may have plenty of. Work on the sleep routine and get them  plenty of the good stuff - they need it even more than us!

For those of you living under a rock, Titanic is back and it's in 3D. Here's how it should have been made:

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