Happy, healthy and wise!

We hope you're all of the above, but sometimes it's good to get a snapshot of what's happening around you health-wise. Here's a look around the world of health at the moment. And if you do have a condition that other's need to be aware of in a time of need, consider MedibandPlus - details here.

1. It's Mother's Day soon!

And that means many organisations are gearing up for things like the Pink Triathlon, because Mother's Day is not only a celebration, it's a tribute to women everywhere, to their health and to their worth. Supporting events like the Pink Triathlon or Pink Ribbon Day is a great way to support women everywhere, young, old, mothers or not.

2. Are you taking fish oil supplements? Then you'll need to read this. The study is inconclusive but it does appear to support the notion that those with an existing heart condition may not be helped by the supplement. But keep on taking the omega-3 pills; other doctors point out that current, effective, drugs may be masking the impact of fish oil. And for the rest of us, keep taking the fish oil - it does a range of stuff including feed the brain.

3. The ancient medicine cabinet! So, you know, what did everyone, like, do before modern antibiotics, ointments and everything came along. Since time immemorial nature has provided a virtual medicine cabinet in the back yard. Cayenne helps bleeding, and headaches. Cinnamon assists with stomach pain. Cloves make for great toothache relief. And garlic - bad for vampires, good for anti-bacteria, anti-fungal and anti-viral uses. More here.

4. Old, new and forever bad! Food and health fads come and go and some things were bad are now good, some good are now bad, but some things were always and will be forever bad. Cynthia Sass has a masters in nutrition and public health. Here's her take on the old bad, new bad and forever bad.

Icons aren't born, they're made. Here's how Fender make theirs.

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