medical id saves livesSharon Denny found Mediband MEDICAL ID by accident, while searching for products on the sister company website. As soon as she saw the product, she was determined to buy it for her son who suffers from a severe allergic reaction to all seafood.

Sharon comments: It was really important to find something that made him easily identifiable to all teaching staff, sport coaches/staff and Scouting leaders - he's an active boy in activities and that generally means he's surrounded by a lot of children, all doing a lot of different things at once - so it can be easy to lose him in a crowd. I also wanted something that he would feel emotionally and physically comfortable wearing. Silver medic alert bracelets are available in Australia, but they have a tendency to break, discolour - and can be difficult to read as they age. As it turned out, the biggest problem with Mediband medical id was that all of his classmates wanted to wear one.

What I particularly liked about dealing with Mediband is the negotiation over what was to be included in the text of his band. They didn't have a standard one that matched him at the time but happily generated one for him, at no extra cost, and made the band a standard inscription available on their website. The critical point about his band is how it communicates to use his epipen in an emergency, which is always on him. You don't have to search for information, that one statement is a critical communication

Mediband medical id has also helped our school tremendously. Our son while not the first, was certainly one of the most severely allergic children to go through our school. By introducing the staff to the Mediband, they've got a clear indicator for children with allergies. These days we can have as many as ten or more children with anaphylaxis allergies in the school, and teachers are often required to undertake playground duty with an epipen on their person. They know that if they see a child on the ground with a red Mediband medical id on their wrist, it takes some of the guess work out of what might be wrong with the child - and time is just so precious for children with these conditions.

Medical ID Saves Lives

Sharon concludes: We've even found the hospital, which supports our immunologist, has been super-impressed by these bands - a nice straight forward indication of the condition. The band sums up what might take a parent or teacher several minutes to convey, particularly under stress. The colour coding for different medical conditions is a fantastic idea, as it simplifies an emergency even further. A Mediband medical id doesn't take away any of the responsibility around training people in contact with your child on how to manage their illness/allergy, should it erupt while in their care - but it takes the guess work out of working out which child may have what - which is really important when your child is part of a group. We want our son to lead a normal life, enjoying sports and adventurous activities with his friends - and the Mediband medical id means that he can, as whoever is looking after him knows exactly what he needs, should the unexpected occur.

Mediband is a leading medical ID device producer for a number of allergies, food intolerances, and health conditions like diabetes and asthma. They produce wristbands in a range of colours, styles and sizes, as well as a wallet card which can be printed with all known medical conditions for the carrier.

More information and the full list of medical id bracelets available can be found at

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