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No one wants a medical condition that impacts their life. But it happens. What you can do is live your life with support and part of that is acknowledging you may need outside help from time to time - if for example you have a medical event away from home.

A medical ID bracelet lets first responders - or even those in the street - react with knowledge. Once they understand you suffer from a condition, medical personnel know what to do. Quick action of the right kind is often the key, so if you or a close relative have a medical condition and you still want to live your life, do it with support from Mediband.
We have medical ID bracelets for diabetes, specific allergies, epilepsy, warfarin alert and much more.
A MedibandPlus medic alert bracelet is even better. It lets professionals quickly diagnose the problem should you be in an unfamiliar location. They're also ideal for children because the hard silicone is tough, won't catch on edges and is water and shock proof.

What a recent customer said:
" A fantastic alternative to traditional medic alert bracelets. My 12 yr old daughter loves wearing hers as they look like fun wristbands. We have just ordered more & have recommended to others with medical conditions. Prompt delivery too! Thankyou Mediband."
- Tina, (Tauranga, New Zealand)
Check this week's specials! If you need immediate treatment then you'll know that mere minutes can make all the difference, Mediband or MedibandPlus is a must. They’re inexpensive and could save a life - see here for full details.

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