Travelling with Epilepsy these holidays?

epilepsy travelling safelyDon't put yourself last!  It’s all too easy to put yourself last if you’re travelling with others in terms of safety arrangements. There are several things that need a bit of pre-planning if you’re travelling with epilepsy. Here’s a quick checklist of things to consider:

Simple Checklist to Travel Safely with Epilepsy

  1. Carry enough medication to last the whole trip - don't get caught with too few supplies
  2. Have a letter from your doctor noting your condition, the names, doses and amount of medications you are carrying
  3. Time zones and your medication – your doctor will advise on whether you can change times.  Plan this carefully, as you don't want to double up or miss your medications
  4. Vaccinations generally won’t interfere with epilepsy medication but tell the vaccinating doctor what you take - full disclosure is often the best option
  5. Some epilepsy medication needs cool storage – is this available at the destination and whilst travelling?
  6. Arrange for medibands alerting medical people to epilepsy in the language of your destination.  With a large range of medical ID awareness products in different styles, price points and sizes, it's not hard to find one that suits you.

Carry a kit

Consider one of the ready-made Mediband kits on our site. We carry travel specific epilepsy medibands in both english and other languages.  For those languages we don't have, consider creating your own custom mediband in the language of your destination.

Our customers love our life-saving Medibands and MedibandPlus products. Here’s why:

“Great product! It feels a lot more comfortable than the metal ones and we no longer need to pay annual subscriptions. Thanks Mediband!"

- Christine (South Australia)

Still not convinced?  Feel free to read other testimonials from customers here.

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