Medical ID products save lives from unexpected kid accidents

mediband medical idSchools out and summer is finally here. With days filled with fun in the sun, the pool and the beach, I would like to reach out to all the caregivers especially those of children who love to swim during hot summer months.

I wanted to introduce you to Mediband, makers of custom medical bracelets and accessories. Mixing fashion with safety, Mediband has the ideal accessory for swimming safety, the MediBand.

If something were to happen and an EMT were called to a scene of an accident, the MediBand helps first responders identify any medical condition they need to be aware of making this the ideal accessory for the summer.

Medical ID Marketplace is the exclusive seller of the MediBand in the US which gives parents and children with medical conditions a sense of ease at the beach, by the pool, or just lounging around a lake. With a specific waterproof feature, the MediBand allows adults to write a medical condition or contact information with a pen, and then boil the bracelet to ensure permanent marking.

Today, Medical ID Marketplace has partnered with Ronald McDonald House Charities and the Juvenile Diabetes Research FoundationThe Make A Wish Foundation as well as others. Other corporate customers and partners current and past include The Coca-Cola Corporation, The McDonald's Corporation, The Hershey Foods Corporation and Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

There products can be found across the United States in doctors' offices, pharmacies,
super markets, jewelry stores, specialty stores, as well as online. A partial list of retailersinclude: Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Albertsons, Stop-N-Shop, Giant, Bashas, Bi-Lo, Kerr Drug, A&P, Medicine Chest, Brookshire, Amazon, Target, Martin’s, Family Pharmacy, Focus Pharmacy and Price Chopper. Below are listed some helpful point to consist for choosing if MediBand would be a great purchasing choice.

  1. A person should not be defined by his/her medical condition or disease...and no one wants a medical accessory that makes them feel “branded”
  2. The variety of styles available at Medical ID Marketplace make it easy to protect yourself without sacrificing style.
  3. They provide stylish, attractive, affordable alternatives to the old-fashioned medical bracelet
  4. They are always keeping up with the newest trends and latest fashions to make sure people will feel good wearing their medical IDs
  5. They have a style for everyone

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