General Practitioner in Melbourne an advocate for Medibands

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“After having an anaphylactic episode myself earlier this year I was on the hunt for a comfortable medical wristband. I found the silicone Medibands in my local pharmacy and liked the look and feel of them”, Dr Forgon-Smith said.

“Prior to discovering these medic alert bracelets, I posted my allergies to peanuts and crustaceans on the lock screen of my I-phone, but this isn’t as reliable especially when you are swimming or exercising and can’t have your phone on you.

“I think the bands are especially appealing to children because of the colourful designs and as a volunteer for Camp Quality, I am liaising with Mediband at the moment to see if we can colour code the bands for the Camp Quality kids according to their particular health issues. This would really help the camp carers identify the child’s health issue quicker when the large groups if children are outdoors.

“The waterproof Medibands enable the wearer to have customised health information about their medical conditions and can be written in any language.

“I particularly like the fact that they can be snapped with a great deal of pressure if they need to come off quickly like in the resuscitation position, which means the paramedic will definitely read the health warnings.

“Medibands have an affiliated service whereby the wearer can register their medical history on the MedibandPlus secure international database in case of an emergency.

“This is a really good idea as the encrypted information can only be accessed by authorised medical professionals when required. The registered person is sent an email if someone does access their personal information, so it is a safe data service.

“Anyone who has a potentially fatal allergy or medical condition will have peace of mind when they travel overseas knowing that foreign medical professionals can access their medical history in an emergency”, he said.


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