Cardiac Patient - Coronary Bypass Graft Alert Medical Bracelet from Mediband

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Enjoy life more knowing that you - or your loved one - can get immediate and appropriate treatment should something happen.


Cardiac Alert - Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Medical ID Bracelet

Keep yourself protected with this Cardiac Alert medical ID bracelet by Mediband.

Coronary heart disease is a serious medical condition and may require a procedure called bypass surgery to restore blood flow.

Bypass surgery can help lower your risk of fatal heart attacks and is a serious surgery that needs to be made aware to first-responders in case of a medical emergency.

Cardiac patients often require special and immediate care in medical emergencies.

In the case of a medical emergency, and you are unable to communicate, wearing a medical ID bracelet can help you or your loved one communicate your needs.

A medical ID bracelet is a clear and effective way to communicate your condition without the first-responder needing to spend precious moments rummaging through your bag / pocket / wallet to find information.

Have peace of mind in an emergency. 

Seconds can count, and by making sure that your condition is visible, first responders can more efficiently diagnose and treat you!

Mediband also caters for many other conditions such as Diabetes, Epilepsy and allergies.

Mediband bracelets are designed in an eye-catching colour and are comfortable enough to wear everyday!

Suitable for all ages.

Your medical information can also be stored securely by Medibandplus so that first-responders can access important medical information in emergencies.

Protect yourself or a loved one

Phrase 1: CARDIAC Patient ALERT! 


Colour: Orange

Colour Infill: Blue & White

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