The number one thing people want in life?

Their health. No surprise there one would guess, but how do organisations concerned with health help people protect that most precious commodity? The answer often lies in prevention. And healthy eating is number one. Government health departments around the world have set up sites to at least give people the correct information.

So, how do we eat right?  Get good advice for a start. No more listening to tv programs - get proper nutritional advice from experts. The nub, however, comes back to grandma. Remember her admonition of 'all things in moderation'? She was right, have moderate food intake pertinent to your exercise regime with a balance across the food groups.


Speaking of exercise, it's good for you and keeps you healthy and even  helps you think but again, all things in moderation. Start with a 20 minute walk every morning, lunch time or evening. The thing is, no research has uncovered the 'ideal' amount of exercise, so instead work towards a goal. Losing weight will require more exercise than if you're just trying to maintain fitness. The other way to exercise is to use all the incidental moments in life. Walk rather than take the car, use the stairs rather than a lift, carry the shopping home from the supermarket. By consciously using every opportunity to walk rather than drive, you'll be amazed at how much exercise you end up getting.

Does someone in your life have a medical issue? Consider a medical id bracelet. A medic alert id tells strangers and medical staff what the issue is quickly. When seconds count a medical alert bracelet might make all the difference.   A mediband is just good sense, particularly if conditions like allergies might render someone unconscious and unable to communicate.


Stressed?  Yoga  or some form of meditation or deep breathing exercise will help. Many people are also turning to gentle martial arts like Tai Chi for the mind-calming side effects. Need an instant pick me up? Here you go:

Close your eyes and take in a few slow deep breaths using the stomach. Then

  • Breathe in using the stomach to the count of 5
  • Hold the breath for the count of 5
  • Breathe out to the count of 5
  • Hold for the count of 2
  • Breathe in to the count of 5 and so on...


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