The 5 things you can do to keep your family healthy

It's a busy old world; lots to do, errands to run and kids to try and keep healthy in the midst of some very sophisticated marketing out there in every corner of our lives. If you've a medical condition in the family, you're probably already aware of Medibands, but there are 5 more ways to keep everyone healthy...

1. What to do about sugar? The CDC in America suggests that kids get about 40% of additional sugar (ie not needed) from sports drinks and fizzy soda. But did you know about 60% comes from pastries, cakes, cereals and biscuits? It's hard to work out how much sugar is in a product given the confusion on food labels, so the best idea is to simply avoid excessive amounts of the following: processed and packaged foods and meals, fizzy drinks, honey/sugary cereals and sweetened snack bars. They may be convenient but they are health time bombs. Substitute for fresh frit and water in school lunches and just straight-out ban fizzy drinks.

2. Do something about your DNA. You might think that you're born with it and that's all there is to it. No sirree! A new report suggests you can alter it with exercise (caffeine too, but that's a different matter). Use it or  lose it can also be translated to your muscles adapt to the usage you put them too. Exercise changes the molecular structure and starts reshaping the muscle to ready it for more exercise. Equally, if you don't exercise, your muscle mass adapts to this too.

3. Get angry men. Well, sort of. Apparently to have a good relationship it proves that you trust your partner if you let her see you angry and upset about something. Something to do with women investing in a relationship and seeing trust and a sense of sharing within their partners.

4. Tired all the time? Watch what you eat and don't go for a caffeine or chocolate pick-me-up as the answer. It will only leave you more tired than 20 minutes ago. Keeping your blood sugar relatively stable is a matter of constant snacking on fruits or vegetables (carrot or celery sticks for example).  Go for a walk every 30 minutes or so to get your heart rate slightly elevated.

5. Say no to excuses. We've all got them - the rock solid reasons why we can't exercise, eat well, get enough sleep, whatever. The reality is someone, somewhere has it way tougher than you, and they manage it. So, say goodbye to excuses as a way of putting off what you're not doing and get to it. Go to bed earlier, eat more fruits and vegetables, reduce takeaway and pre-packaged meals, exercise once a day in some form. Just start. Take one small step. Repeat.

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