Some common super foods... you didn't know were super

We all want to eat good, healthy foods... but some common foods are very, very healthy and it may pay to add more to your diet.

Mushrooms, for example, contain lots of vitamin D, the vitamin getting a lot of good publicity lately. Vitamin D leads to lower rates of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure and more. Yet vitamin D is not found naturally in many foods - apart from mushrooms and a few others.

Mangoes are great for you - rich in vitamin A and C, and full of fibre and antioxidants. Have as many as you can during mango season!

Yet another study has singled out blueberries for kudos. They're linked to reduced levels of obesity, lower insulin and triglyceride levels, they fight heart disease and high blood pressure and a recent study shows they may also clear toxins from the brain.

Grapes have been singled out for attention because they've been found to reduce inflammation and decrease liver and belly fat.

Beetroot, in a new study, has confirmed its place on the healthy food table by showing drops in blood pressure for people with high blood pressure.

Healthy living helps everyone - including those battling ill- health. And if you are suffering ill health, consider our MedibandPlus product. Here's what others think of it.

" Like many parents, I found out my son was anaphylactic the hard way.........he had a sever reaction in front of my eyes and almost chocked to death. Whilst we are now educated on the matter and understand what is a risk to him, many other people in the community are not. What gives me more fear is potential risk's at school now that he has started kindergarten this year. After purchasing a Mediband 2 days ago and it promptly arriving in the mail yesterday, I now have peace of mind that I am giving my son every opportunity to experience what a young boy should without the fear of him accidently being exposed to food that he is allergic to. The band is highly visible, fits snug onto his wrist, is very durable to withstand the activities of a young child but most importantly it provides critical information to people about his Anaphylaxis. Unintentionally, it actually promotes conversation between himself and his friends were he can explain its purpose and educate other kids about his condition making everyone aware of his special needs. Congratulations Mediband on such a simple but effective product that could prevent a very traumatising experience for a person."

- Giuseppe (Earlwood, New South Wales, Australia)

For anyone with a life-threatening illness, a Mediband makes a lot of sense. This is especially true for young children who may not the capacity to fully explain their condition to treating medical professionals.

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