Medical Alert Bracelets: Helping to Keep You and Your Loved Ones Safe

medical alert bracelet allergies dementiaWhether you’re an elderly person's family member, friend, or caregiver, you know how difficult it can be to keep them safe at all times. It’s important to do whatever we can to enhance their quality of life, including taking precautions should something go wrong.

Wearing Mediband medical alert bracelets is one way to do this. Medibands are made of durable silicone and are custom made to show the exact ailments suffered by your loved one. Your bracelet provides crucial information to passers-by and first responders when your loved one is unable to talk for themselves.

As we get older we tend to have more ailments. Statistics from the National Council on Aging show that 92 percent of elderly adults have at least one chronic ailment while 77 percent have at least two. Frequently the care received within the first moments of a medical episode determines whether someone – regardless of age – survives. The more information first responders have, the greater the chances for a positive outcome.

Conditions That Require A Mediband

Your Mediband provides useful information for a variety of ailments, like angina, diabetes, and asthma. Those with pacemakers or who are on dialysis will find the Mediband useful as a preventive measure. Anyone with an ailment that could require emergency care will find wearing a Mediband useful.

And it is not just the elderly that benefit from wearing these medical alert bracelets. Anyone suffering from heart or lung disease, high blood pressure or even multiple sclerosis, would benefit from having a Mediband.

If you or a loved one has a medical condition that could require immediate, emergency treatment, you should consider a Mediband.
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A Special Message For Dementia Sufferers

Medibands are particularly useful for anyone suffering from a memory-loss disease such as dementia or Alzheimer's. Sometimes a dementia sufferer might forget their ailment. These bracelets are fully customisable and can be tailored to your loved one’s specific conditions, including both primary and secondary conditions.

With dementia patients, information such as their name and address are helpful. Sometimes a dementia patient can get lost, and personal information on their bracelet helps a responder establish a rapport with the dementia sufferer, who might be disoriented and scared. A responder who knows the dementia sufferer’s name makes the patient feel comfortable even in unfamiliar surroundings. An address or phone number on your Mediband allows a dementia sufferer to get home quickly.

Medibands vs. Traditional Medical Alert Bracelets

Unlike traditional medical alert bracelets, Mediband sells silicone bands which are lightweight, so they won’t get in the way of an elderly person's daily life. They’re also very durable, standing up to both routine and non-routine use. Medibands are safe, too, their soft construction ensures someone won't get hurt if they bump against something. There's also less stigma attached to wearing a slim line medical band as opposed to the outdated, unattractive metal medical bracelets, so placing one on an older person's wrist is less likely to affect their self-esteem.

Perfect For Those On A Budget

Traditional medical bands are very costly, but Medibands are extremely affordable, meaning you can order several at once or easily replace them should they get lost. They’re also easy to order, with safe, secure ordering available at

A Final Thought

In an emergency situation, providing first responders with the information they need about a patient's health can save lives. It can also greatly impact how well a person recovers from a medical episode.

A Mediband for your loved ones will give everyone – you, your loved ones, and first responders, peace of mind.

Worry less, live more with Mediband.

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