Alert bracelets

alert bracelets for medical conditionsWhat keeps your family safe? For many of our customers a medical ID bracelet is a significant part of the answer for them, their family members or elderly parents. The symptoms of diabetes or a heart condition or epilepsy are bad enough, but why should that keep you home? Life is about the things you do, the people you meet and the experiences you enjoy. Getting out and about should be everyone’s goal – ill or not.

That’s why alert medical bracelets like ours are a great idea. They help you live life.

Share who you are. Illness is not something to be embarrassed about – it’s mostly a random, bad-luck or genetic event. But many feel as if they can’t tell workmates or others. An allergy bracelet or alert bracelets in the name of your illness help protect you, whilst being discreet. Men in particular are reserved about illness but shouldn't be. We still live in an era where a general misunderstanding of diabetes, for example, is still common in our community and among some employers. Concerns of uninformed employers include thinking that people with diabetes will ‘black out’ all the time, or have frequent sick days. The reality is that, because many individuals with diabetes work with few or no restrictions, their employers don’t even know that they have diabetes. Just an FYI – you can be asked about a medical condition that may affect your employment but it’s illegal to not employ you on the basis of that condition unless you’re unable to fulfil the requirements of the role.

Our customers love our Medibands and MedibandPlus products. Here’s why:

“My husband is a typical tradesman type, who is most unlikely to mention his diabetes to fellow workers or clients. So I find it reassuring that he will wear a Mediband, and if something did happen people can identify how they could help."

- South Australia

Medibands are inexpensive and could save a life - see here for full details.

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