Travelling overseas these holidays with a medical condition?

Going overseas for your holidays this year?  Worried your english mediband won't work in China because no-one speaks or reads english very well in China?  Or you might be travelling to Spain - need medical ID written in spanish?  Then again, Thailand is often beautiful at this time of the year, but not so beautiful if no-one can understand your medical condition in an emergency!

It would be great if we could leave our medical condition at home when travelling overseas.  Second to this would be the big TRANSLATE BUTTON for medical emergencies ... often we cannot talk for ourselves when a medical crisis occurs!

Did you know Mediband can create a medical ID bracelet in any language, from arabic to chinese to french to german to swahili to thai?

Mediband Multi-lingual medical ID bracelets

Yes, in any language known to man!  Worry Less, Live More these holidays with Mediband.

Don't leave it too late for your custom medibands, as there is often a 10-20 day turnaround at this time of the year.

Click here to see Mediband's range of instock multilingual bracelets, or click here create your own mediband in any language.

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