Keeping allergy-affected children safe

AllergiesIt's not just peanuts. There are dozens of allergies - to seafood, antibiotics, latex, wheat and more. So how do you keep them safe in schools? Some general answers are in this article, but the rule of thumb is that parents must remain vigilant. Most schools have an action plan and will welcome your input into how best to manage your child's health.

You should have an allergic reaction action plan and supply a checklist kit that caregivers can use with emergency numbers, first signs of a bad reaction and emergency treatments. Our Mediband® and MedibandPlus® products are also an ideal safeguard against a sudden reaction when your child is out of your immediate care - at a friend's house, in a public environment, or visiting relatives.

Mediband is easy to wear and even a little, dare we say it, cool! Its primary purpose is to act as an emergency diagnosis tool - letting caregivers know immediately what the likely cause of your child's illness is and alerting them to the necessary treatment protocols.

  • Teach your children how to read the signs of their own reaction
  • Teach them to seek help immediately
  • Teach them the foods the must avoid and the strategies to avoid accepting those foods when out.
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