Wear Diabetes Bracelets this World Diabetes Day 14 November 2013


diabetes bracelets for world diabetes dayToday is World Diabetes Day.

According to Diabetes Australia, 280 people develop Diabetes every single day and over 1.5 million have the condition.

Diabetes Australia will launch the National Diabetes Service Scheme media campaign to coincide today for World Diabetes Day.

General Practitioner, Dr George Forgan-Smith said with more than 1 million already diagnosed, diabetes is now the fastest growing chronic disease in Australia.

“Left untreated diabetes is associated with increased risk of heart, kidney and eye disease, stroke and even loss of limb secondary to its complications,“ Dr Forgan-Smith said.

“Early detection and treatment of diabetes can reduce the risk of complications already a significant burden on the Australian health care system.

“While highly effective some diabetes treatments can lead to sudden changes in blood sugar levels leading to confusion, agitation and even coma. Knowledge of a person’s diabetes early can allow for rapid appropriate treatment from first aid staff, ambulance officers and medical personnel.

”Early identification of diabetic emergencies can be greatly improved by people wearing a medical band or a chain to help identify their medical condition,” he said.

Australian company Mediband offers a two tiered system that can help identify people living with diabetes if unconscious or unable to communicate.

Dr Forgan-Smith said Mediband enables people living with a variety of medical conditions to identify their diagnosis from a simple band that is worn around the wrist.

“Whether living with diabetes, allergies, epilepsy or other life threatening illness, Mediband's Diabetes Bracelets are an effective way to inform medical staff of your condition when you may not be able to,” said Dr Forgan-Smith.diabetes bracelets

“An additional service, Mediband Plus, is also available where your full medical history and medications can be stored on a secure computer server that doctors can access in emergency situations.

Diabetes Bracelets:  Potentially Lifesaving

“Cheap, effective and potentially lifesaving, a Mediband and Mediband Plus subscription is a sound investment in protecting the health of yourself or a loved one.

“For all people living with diabetes rapid identification of diabetic emergencies can make a huge difference to your health.”

Australian company Mediband is the leading supplier of medical wristbands in Australia, the UK and the USA.

Owner of the family business, Michael Randall said his company produces thousands of Diabetes Bracelets for Diabetes.

“Our main benefit for people with life-threatening conditions such as Diabetes is that we not only provide a silicone medical wrist band which can be printed with any of over 20 conditions and combination of conditions, but we have an affiliated online medical data storage system, known as MedibandPlus, so the wearer can upload their medical history for the paramedics should they become unconscious and cannot speak for themselves,” Randall said.

“The medical band has the wearer’s personal MedibandPlus code printed on it so that a first responder anywhere in the world, can log onto a computer and access the person’s medical records to ensure they receive the appropriate treatment.

“We are the only company in Australia providing an e-service for patients other than the Australian Government.

“We are receiving praise for both Mediband and MedibandPlus from staff at St John Ambulance, and medical staff in hospitals, not only here but in the UK and the USA.”

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